Morning Club

Our morning club operates from 7.30am until 9am during term time.


Children can arrive at the club at any time during this session and must be signed in by a parent/carer.

Children in Primary 7 may sign themselves in, however it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure the child arrives at the club.


Children in Primary 1 and 2 will be accompanied by staff to their playground with staff staying with them until the bell rings at 9am and school staff arrive.

Children in Primary 3 – 7 can leave the club from 8:45 and walk around to their playground areas.


The club currently has three main areas all within the school grounds.

Children in nursery, Primary 1 and Primary 2 are based in the modular building and those in Primary 3 – 7 are based in the main club which is situated within the school.


Breakfast is served throughout the session until 8.40am with a wide choice of products provided including toast, cereal, bagels, pancakes, yoghurts, fruit, milk, water, and fruit juice.


Throughout the session children are offered a balance of play types and both structured/non-structured activities. These include role play, construction, games & puzzles, reading, drawing, TV, quiet area and ICT.

A structured art activity is also provided each day based on children’s interests planned themes and cultural festivals.